Global Health & Environmental Microbiology

I developed a course that aims a perspective on global health with providing solid background of environmental microbiology (PUBHEHS 6320/FDSCTE 6320). The environment covered in this course has broad spectrum of drinking water, recreational water, wastewater, air, soil and food. The lectures are designed to provide understanding about health significant microorganisms from various sources of contamination in different parts of the world and core topics, such as water and wastewater treatment, disinfection, detection methods. Emerging issues - health implications of nanotechnology, the use of microbes for renewable energy, biofuel, climate change and infectious disease, urban microbiology - are taught and it will give insight for current and future global environmental and public health issues.

Water Contamination: Sources & Health Impact

I am developing a second course entitled Water Contamination: Sources & Health Impact (PUBHEHS 7360/FDSCTE 7360). The contaminants include microbial infectious agents, chemical pollutants and other toxic agents. The lectures are designed to provide understanding about the sources of contamination, the transport and fate of the contaminants, exposure risks, and their public health impacts. Emerging issues (e.g. vulnerability of water supply, impact of climate change on pollution), early warning systems, treatment technology, paradigm shift of beach monitoring with rapid method, wetland and its public health impact, and source tracking tools are discussed.