Research Centers

Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Evaluation Studies (HOPES)

The Center for HOPES is a research center in the OSU College of Public Health. HOPES provides health economics, health policy, and evaluation services for projects within Ohio State, as well as for government agencies, community groups, and private-sector organizations. In addition to HOPES accomplished researchers, the Center provides a platform for the research community to collaborate across colleges to better understand the issues facing health and health care today.

Center for Public Health Practice (Ohio Public Health Training Center)

Our nation’s health depends on a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. The Center for Public Health Practice in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University supports the professional development of the people and the strategic organizational improvement of the agencies protecting and promoting the health of our citizens.

Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Science (CATS)

The proposed Ohio State University Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Science (OSU-CATS) is building upon the established infrastructure of the OSU Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science (OSU-CERTS). OSU-CATS is currently being funded through the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The proposed overall theme of OSU-CATS is to provide real world and complementary experimental scientific evidence to support tobacco control policies that impact tobacco use and risk, specifically considering factors that are market-focused, product-focused and user-focused factors. The OSU-CATS will use 2 longitudinal cohort studies of youth and adults, and 2 human experimental studies, we will assess the impact of these factors on the prevalence of use and individual risk to infer effects on population harm.