Faculty Research Interests

Our faculty's research interests include air pollution, environmental and occupational health, cancer, HIV/AIDS prevention, disease ecology, Bayesian inference, statistical methods for observational studies in population health, epigenetics, social determinants of health, health equity, women's health, healthcare quality metrics and tobacco control.

Photo Name Research Interests
Olorunfemi Adetona, PhD Olorunfemi Adetona, PhD
Associate Professor

Air Pollution, Environmental and Occupational Health, Inhalation Toxicology, Molecular Epidemiology, Environmental Risk Assessment

Reem Aly
Sarah E. Anderson, PhD Sarah E. Anderson, PhD

understanding psychosocial influences on children's growth and development with a particular focus on childhood obesity prevention

Rebecca Andridge, PhD Rebecca Andridge, PhD
Associate Professor

Developing and evaluating statistical methods for handling missing data and for group-randomized trials

Kellie Archer Kellie J. Archer, PhD
Chair and Professor

Statistical methods for the analysis of data from high-throughput genomic assays; Discrete and ordinal response modeling; Mixture cure models; Statistical computing; Supervised learning and data mining

Gia Barboza-Salerno smiling Gia Barboza-Salerno, JD, PhD
Assistant Professor, joint appointment, College of Social Work

Drug overdose prevention; Child maltreatment/family violence; Advanced statistical modeling; Spatial analysis; Scholarly writing (publications); Intersection of child welfare and legal system

Micah Berman, JD Micah Berman, JD
Associate Professor; Joint Appointment, College of Law

Public Health Law and Policy; Health Care Law and Policy; Tobacco Policy; Global Public Health

Philip Binkley, MPH, MD Philip Binkley, MPH, MD
Michael Bisesi, PhD Michael Bisesi, PhD
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Academic Administration and Professor, Interim Chair

assessment (monitoring) of human exposure to and control of toxic and infectious agents; applied environmental toxicology and microbiology; and hazardous material/emergency incident recognition/response

Marielle C. Brinkman Marielle C. Brinkman
Research Professor
Karen Dannemiller, PhD Karen Dannemiller, PhD
Associate Professor

Integration of engineering with microbiology to address emerging health challenges and environmental concerns; Phylogenetics, metagenomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics

Aram Dobalian Aram Dobalian, PhD, JD, MPH
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor and Division Chair

Natural and manmade disasters, emergencies, and other crises; Health services research: Access and quality of health care; Health policy and health reform

Macarius Donneyong, PhD, MPH Macarius Donneyong, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor

Drug-drug interactions; The role of the social determinants of health factors on the effectiveness of prescribed medications; Medication outcomes among racial/ethnic minorities

Ahmad El-Hellani, PhD headshot Ahmad El Hellani, PhD
Assistant Professor

Environmental Health, Tobacco Products, Tobacco Emissions, Tobacco Control, Analytical Chemistry, Inhalation Toxicology, Environmental Risk Assessment

Aldenise Ewing, PhD, MPH, CPH Aldenise Ewing, PhD, MPH, CPH
Assistant Professor
Cancer epidemiology; screening and early detection; dissemination and implementation science; community engaged research; racial disparities; recreational sport athletes
Amy L. Fairchild, PhD, MPH Amy L. Fairchild, PhD, MPH
Dean and Professor, College of Public Health
Immigrant Health Inspection, Disease Control, Disease Surveillance and Privacy, Public Health Issues, Tobacco Control
Ashley Felix, PhD Ashley Felix, PhD
Associate Professor, Co-Director, Undergraduate Honors Program

Cancer epidemiology; women’s health; racial disparities; molecular epidemiology; screening and early detection

Amy Ferketich, PhD Amy Ferketich, PhD
Professor, Interim Co-Chair

tobacco control: smoking cessation, tobacco use surveillance, tobacco policy, and tobacco regulatory science

Maria Gallo, PhD Maria Gallo, PhD
Associate Dean of Research, Professor
Randall Harris, MD, PhD Randall Harris, MD, PhD
Courtney L. Hebert, MD Courtney L. Hebert, MD
Associate Professor
Jennifer Hefner, PhD Jennifer Hefner, PhD
Associate Professor

management practices, clinical informatics, program evaluation, dissemination & implementation science

Armando Hoet, PhD, DVM Armando Hoet, PhD, DVM
C. Tory H. Hogan, PhD C. Tory Harper Hogan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Darryl B. Hood, PhD Darryl B. Hood, PhD
Dean’s Fellow for Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence, Professor

Inhalation Toxicology (prenatal exposure models autism), Developmental neurobiology (somatosensory cortex), Behavioral neurobiology (development of structure-specific paradigms), Environmental and biochemical toxicology (Nitroxides, PAH’s), Dispersion modeling of PAH’s in environmental justice communities, Structural biology, protein structure and function, Environmental-exposure health assessment questionnaire development, Modeling exposures across lifetime using public health exposome approach

Amie Hufton Amie Hufton
Associate Professor - Practice

Recovery strategies of minoritized populations affected by natural disasters; risk factors associated with adverse physical, mental and cognitive health in aging minoritized populations; costs and disparities associated with drowning and submersion injuries

Ayaz Hyder, PhD Ayaz Hyder, PhD
Assistant Professor, Core Faculty, Translational Data Analytics

Systems Science, Agent-Based Modeling, Birth Outcomes/Infant Mortality, Environmental Epidemiology, Air Pollution, Citizen Science, Opioid epidemic, Food insecurity, Smart Cities, Health Economics

Marian Moser Jones, PhD, MPH Marian Moser Jones, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
  • History of Public Health in North America
  • Pandemics, Disasters, and other Public Health Crises
  • Nursing in War and Public Health Crises
  • Women's Health and Perinatal Health
  • Addressing Racism and Health Inequities
  • Methods: Archival Research, Oral History, Interviews
Mira Katz, PhD Mira Katz, PhD

reducing cancer disparities among minority and underserved populations

Gail Kaye, PhD Gail Kaye, PhD
Professor, Clinical Public Health, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Assessment

childhood obesity prevention, creating healthy food environments, nutrition policies that foster healthy food environments, community based nutrition interventions

Eben Kenah, PhD Eben Kenah, PhD
Associate Professor

Survival analysis, Epidemiologic methods, Stochastic processes, Phylogenetics and causal inference

Liz Klein, PhD, MPH Liz Klein, PhD, MPH
Chair and Professor

Tobacco control; primary prevention of chronic disease; social determinants of health, Policy, systems and environmental change; primary prevention; public health evaluation

Dr. Knobloch in front of the College of Public Health (Cunz Hall) Thomas J. Knobloch, M.S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor – Practice, Comprehensive Cancer Center – Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program, Center for Advanced Function Foods & Entrepreneurship – Food Innovation Center, OSU COVID19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Team (CICTT)

My research program includes several key interests:

1. Characterizing malignant molecular progression of epithelial carcinogenesis in cancers associated with tobacco smoking, alcohol consumtion, and HPV infections (oral cancers, cervical cancers).

2. The use of food-based interventions as implementable cancer risk-reduction strategies, with special emphasis on the bioactive phytochemicals present in black raspberries.

3. The emerging role of bacterial cyanotoxins released during harmful algal blooms in the promotion of liver cancer in susceptible populations.

4. Investigating the knowledge gap surrounding effective harm reduction and reducing cancer risk in firefighting personnel.

My work is fundamentally translational in nature and emphasizes the integrated participation of genomic (epigenetic, SNPs), transcriptional (expression signatures), metabolic (bioactive signaling cascades), and microbiomic (host-bacterial ecosystems) landscapes

Brandon Koch, PhD Brandon Koch, PhD
Assistant Professor

Causal inference, machine learning, variable selection, Bayesian modeling, and treatment effect heterogeneity.

Kathryn Lancaster, PhD, MPH Kathryn Lancaster, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor

design, implementation, and evaluation of behavioral and multilevel interventions to reduce substance use and engage those living with HIV/HCV into the continuum of care

Jiyoung Lee, PhD Jiyoung Lee, PhD

Heath risks from cyanotoxin exposure (liver disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases); Impact of environmental exposure on microbiome & resistome; Cyanobacteria, cyanophage and toxin ecology; Water-food-climate nexus: Ecology of emerging infectious diseases; Sustainable intervention of pathogen and antimicrobial resistance spread; Wastewater-based epidemiology of COVID-19

Stanley Lemeshow, PhD Stanley Lemeshow, PhD

Genetics of PTEN in Cowden and related syndromes and familial cancer, genetic alterations in the epithelial and stromal compartment of prostate adenocarcinomas,, innate immunity: elucidation and modulation cancer therapy, genetics of PTEN and molecular-based patient care, reducing cervical cancer in Appalachia, breast cancer prevention through nutrition, stress, aging and wound healing

Teresa Long, MD, MPH Teresa Long, MD, MPH
Special Advisor - Community Engagement and Partnership
Ashleigh LoVette in front of Thompson Library Ashleigh LoVette, PhD
Assistant Professor

Resilience, Trauma, Healing, Community Engagement, Young People of Color, HIV Prevention, Violence Prevention, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Multi-level Interventions, Equity, Health Communication

Bo Lu, PhD Bo Lu, PhD

Causal inference, Observational study, Matched designs for complex data structure, Sensitivity analysis for unmeasured confounding, Bayesian Modeling for causal effects, Survey sampling methodology, Small area estimation, Large population survey analysis, Statistical methods for observational studies in population health, health outcome research and social sciences

William C. Miller, MD, PhD, MPH William C. Miller, MD, PhD, MPH
Saira Nawaz, PhD, MPH Saira Nawaz, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Julianna Nemeth, PhD, MA Julianna Nemeth, PhD, MA
Assistant Professor

Health Equity, Trauma-informed Health Behavior Intervention Development, Vulnerable, Traumatized Populations (Sexual & Domestic Violence Survivors, Homeless Youth), Tobacco Control & Cessation, Intersection of Violence Exposure, Mental Health, Brain Injury & Substance Use, Community-Engaged Evaluation & Research

Andy Ai Ni, PhD Andy Ai Ni, PhD
Assistant Professor

Causal inference with survival outcomes; Individualized treatment regimen estimation with survival outcomes; High-dimensional variable selection with survival outcomes; High-dimensional variable selection with measurement error; Outcome-dependent sampling designs; 

Abigail Turner, PhD Abigail Norris Turner, PhD
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Inclusive Excellence, Professor
Alison Norris, MD, PhD Alison Norris, MD, PhD
Associate Professor; Joint Appointment, College of Medicine/Infectious Diseases, Interim Co-Chair

sexual and reproductive health with a goal of preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and improving reproductive outcomes for women and men

Joshua Nowack
James Odei, PhD James Odei, PhD
Assistant Professor - Clinical

Spatial, Temporal, and Spatio-Temporal Statistics, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling, Statistical Data Visualization, Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, etc.), Environmental Epidemiology, Statistical methods for observational studies in population health, health outcome research and social sciences, Behavioral Medicine and Psychology, Breast Cancer Prevention

Tasleem Padamsee, PhD Tasleem Padamsee, PhD
Assistant Professor
Breast cancer prevention, Health disparities, U.S. health policy, Health care institutions, Women’s Health, Comparative health politics, HIV/AIDS Policy, Qualitative research methods, Comparative and historical research methods, Medical Sociology, Political Sociology, Feminist Theory
Efthimios Parasidis, JD Efthimios Parasidis, JD

Bioethics; Food Law; Health Law; Public Health

Lynne Parrott
Electra D. Paskett, PhD Electra D. Paskett, PhD
Professor, Marion N. Rowley Chair in Cancer Research
Joanne Patterson headshot Joanne G. Patterson, PhD, MPH, MSW
Assistant Professor

Health Equity; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health; Social Determinants of Health; Cancer Prevention; Tobacco Prevention and Cessation; Tobacco Regulatory Science; Health Communications; Community Engaged Research; Implementation Science

Marika Haritos Paul headshot Marika Haritos Paul, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor; MHA Program Director
Michael Pennell, PhD Michael Pennell, PhD
Associate Professor

Design and analysis of group randomized trials, first hitting time models for survival analysis, Bayesian nonparametrics, joint modeling, toxicological risk assessment

Laura Pomeroy, PhD Laura Pomeroy, PhD
Assistant Professor, Co-Director, Undergraduate Honors Program

Disease ecology, modeling infectious diseases, phylogenetics

Mikkel Quam
Assistant Professor - Practice
Paul L. Reiter, PhD, MPH Paul L. Reiter, PhD, MPH

Colorectal Cancer, Cancer, Uterine Cervical Cancer, Anus Cancer, Papillomavirus Infections, Mouth Cancer, Condylomata Acuminata, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome

Grzegorz A. Rempala, PhD Grzegorz A. Rempala, PhD

Complex Stochastic Systems Theory, Molecular Biosystems Modeling, Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Epidemiology and in Genomics

JaNelle Ricks, DrPH, MPA JaNelle Ricks, DrPH, MPA
Assistant Professor

sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, health disparities, social determinants, adolescent health, sexual and gender minority health, program evaluation

Julie Robbins, PhD Julie Robbins, PhD
Associate Professor - Clinical

best practices for improving quality in healthcare delivery, including:  electronic health record implementation, patient safety, and strategic human resource management

Megan E. Roberts, PhD Megan E. Roberts, PhD
Assistant Professor

tobacco use, adolescents and young adults, health disparities

Paul Rosile, PhD, MPH, REHS Paul Rosile, PhD, MPH, REHS
Associate Professor of Public Health Practice
Patrick Schnell, PhD Patrick Schnell, PhD
Assistant Professor

Bayesian inference, clinical trials, treatment effect heterogeneity, simultaneous inference, and complex diseases.

Fernanda Schumacher smiling in Cunz Hall Fernanda Schumacher, PhD
Assistant Professor

Robust models, models for censored data, longitudinal data, EM algorithm, and scale mixture of skew-normal distributions.

Sharon Schweikhart, PhD Sharon Schweikhart, PhD
Associate Professor
Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, PhD, MPH Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor

Reproductive Justice, social epidemiology, adverse birth and maternal outcomes, Black/African American families and communities

Eric Seiber, PhD Eric Seiber, PhD
Professor; Director of the Center for HOPES
Abigail Shoben, PhD Abigail Shoben, PhD
Associate Professor

Group sequential methods, longitudinal data, epidemiologic applications, clinical trials

Parvati Singh, PhD, MPA Parvati Singh, PhD, MPA
Assistant Professor
Psychiatric Epidemiology, Racial Disparities, Maternal and Child Health
Min-Ae Song, PhD Min-Ae Song, PhD
Assistant Professor

Epigenetics, Biomarkers of Exposure, Biomarkers of effects, Cancer Risk Factors, Gene-Environment Interactions, Molecular Epidemiology, Tobacco, Cancer Prevention, Cancer, Molecular Carcinogenesis, and Multi-Omics Data

Andrew Wapner, DO, MPH Andrew Wapner, DO, MPH
Assistant Professor - Clinical, Director, Center for Public Health Practice, Director, Master of Public Health Program for Experienced Professionals

population health planning through integration of health care and public health, with a focus on social and physical environments and their impact on health status

Matthew Wascher Matthew Wascher, PhD
Assistant Professor - Practice
Mark Weir Mark H. Weir, PhD
Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, Core Faculty - Ohio State Sustainability Institute, Senior Lecturer - College of Medicine, Griffith University, Director - Ecology Epidemiology and Population Health Program, Infectious Disease Institute
  1. Sustainability and resiliency in health protection
  2. Environmental sustainability and resource optimization
  3. Improving risk-based decision making
  4. Building water systems and healthy indoor spaces
  5. Water treatment and wastewater reuse
  6. Risk analysis methodology
Risk analysis to make sustainable and resilient decisions
Jeffrey J. Wing, PhD Jeffrey Wing, PhD
Assistant Professor

Cerebrovascular disease; health disparties; prognostic models; epidemiologic methods

Wendy Yi Xu, PhD Wendy Yi Xu, PhD
Associate Professor

Health care access barriers and financial burdens for vulnerable populations