Faculty Research Interests

Our faculty's research interests include air pollution, environmental and occupational health, cancer, HIV/AIDS prevention, disease ecology, Bayesian inference, statistical methods for observational studies in population health, epigenetics, social determinants of health, health equity, women's health, healthcare quality metrics and tobacco control.

Name Research Interests
Olorunfemi Adetona, PhD Air Pollution, Environmental and Occupational Health, Inhalation Toxicology, Molecular Epidemiology, Environmental Risk Assessment
Sarah E. Anderson, PhD
Rebecca Andridge, PhD Developing and evaluating statistical methods for handling missing data and for group-randomized trials
Kellie J. Archer, PhD Statistical methods for the analysis of data from high-throughput genomic assays, Discrete and ordinal response modeling, Statistical computing, Supervised learning and data mining
Micah Berman, JD
Michael Bisesi, PhD
Ashley Felix, PhD Cancer epidemiology; women’s health; racial disparities; molecular epidemiology; screening and early detection
Amy Ferketich, PhD
Maria Gallo, PhD
Randall Harris, MD, PhD
Jennifer Hefner, PhD management practices healthcare quality metrics clinical informatics
C. Tory Harper Hogan, PhD
Darryl B. Hood, PhD Inhalation Toxicology (prenatal exposure models autism), Developmental neurobiology (somatosensory cortex), Behavioral neurobiology (development of structure-specific paradigms), Environmental and biochemical toxicology (Nitroxides, PAH’s), Dispersion modeling of PAH’s in environmental justice communities, Structural biology, protein structure and function, Environmental-exposure health assessment questionnaire development, Modeling exposures across lifetime using public health exposome approach
Thomas P. Huber, PhD, MS ECS
Ayaz Hyder, PhD Systems Science, Agent-Based Modeling, Birth Outcomes/Infant Mortality, Environmental Epidemiology, Air Pollution, Citizen Science, Opioid epidemic, Food insecurity, Smart Cities, Health Economics
Mira Katz, PhD
Gail Kaye, PhD
Eben Kenah, PhD Survival analysis, Epidemiologic methods, Stochastic processes, Phylogenetics and casual inference
Liz Klein, PhD, MPH Tobacco control; primary prevention of chronic disease; social determinants of health, Policy, systems and environmental change; primary prevention; public health evaluation
Kathryn Lancaster, PhD, MPH
Jiyoung Lee, PhD - Cyanotoxin exposure and health risks, - Cyanobacteria, cyanophage, and toxin ecology, - Microbiome & resistome in environments and hosts, - Food-water-climate nexus & emerging infectious diseases, - Zoonotic pathogens: transmission dynamics between domains and human health, - Sustainable intervention of pathogen and antibiotic resistance spread, - Linkage between public health and ecosystem health, - Urban water microbiology, - Microbial source tracking
Stanley Lemeshow, PhD Genetics of PTEN in Cowden and related syndromes and familial cancer, genetic alterations in the epithelial and stromal compartment of prostate adenocarcinomas,, innate immunity: elucidation and modulation cancer therapy, genetics of PTEN and molecular-based patient care,, reducing cervical cancer in Appalachia, breast cancer prevention through nutrition, stress, aging and wound healing
Teresa Long, MD, MPH
Bo Lu, PhD Causal Inference, Observational Study, Propensity Score Adjustment with complex designs, Optimal Matching, Survey sampling methodology, Small Area Estimation, Large population survey analysis, Statistical methods for observational studies in population health, health outcome research and social sciences
William J. Martin II, MD
William C. Miller, MD, PhD, MPH
Julianna Nemeth, PhD, MA Health Equity, Trauma-informed Health Behavior Intervention Development, Vulnerable, Traumatized Populations (Sexual & Domestic Violence Survivors, Homeless Youth), Tobacco Control & Cessation, Intersection of Violence Exposure, Mental Health, Brain Injury & Substance Use, Community-Engaged Evaluation & Research
Andy Ai Ni, PhD High-dimensional variable selection with survival outcomes, Individualized treatment regimen estimation with survival outcomes; Outcome-dependent sampling designs; High-dimensional variable selection with measurement error
Alison Norris, MD, PhD
James Odei, PhD Spatial, Temporal, and Spatio-Temporal Statistics, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling, Statistical Data Visualization, Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, etc.), Environmental Epidemiology, Statistical methods for observational studies in population health, health outcome research and social sciences , Behavioral Medicine and Psychology, Breast Cancer Prevention
Susan Olivo-Marston, PhD, MPH My research focuses on using epidemiologic and animal models to investigate how cancer risk is modified by lifestyle. I am particularly interested in the effects of environmental exposures and dietary modifications on cancer risk., More specifically, I am interested in how early life exposures to these factors impacts adult cancer risk. My research uses population-based studies and animal models with the goal of moving between these two disciplines., Much of my research has focused on the impact of early nutrition and obesity on adult cancer risk, specifically breast and colon cancer., Another area of my research is on the impact of childhood secondhand smoke exposure on adult cancer risk and nicotine dependence. , More recently, we have started research focusing on how occupational exposures among firefighters impacts cancer risk
Tasleem Padamsee, PhD HIV/AIDS, Breast cancer prevention, U.S. health policy, Health care institutions, Health disparities, Women's health, Comparative health politics, Qualitative research methods, Comparative and historical research methods
Michael Pennell, PhD Design and analysis of group randomized trials, first hitting time models for survival analysis, Bayesian nonparametrics, toxicological risk assessment
Phyllis Pirie, PhD
Laura Pomeroy, PhD Disease ecology, Phylogenetics, Computational biology, Multilevel modeling, Spatial analytics
Paul L. Reiter, PhD, MPH Colorectal Cancer, Cancer, Uterine Cervical Cancer, Anus Cancer, Papillomavirus Infections, Mouth Cancer, Condylomata Acuminata, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome
Grzegorz A. Rempala, PhD Complex Stochastic Systems Theory , Molecular Biosystems Modeling, Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Genomics
JaNelle Ricks, DrPH, MPA sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, health disparities, social determinants, adolescent health, sexual and gender minority health, program evaluation
Julie Robbins, PhD
Megan E. Roberts, PhD
Pamela Salsberry, PhD, RN, FAAN 2014-2019 Associate Director, Institute for Population Research. NIH, NICHD P2CHD058484 $2,876,507 (PI: Dr. John Casterline), 2014-2019 Co-investigator. KICS: Kids in Columbus Study. Crane Center for Early Childhood Research & Policy. , 2015-2016 Principal Investigator. A community approach to lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes in high risk women with a history of gestational diabetes. $11,300. CTSA, Pilot and Collaborative Studies Program., 2015-2016 Principal Investigator, Early life contexts, stress, and developmental gains over the school year. Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy. , 2013-2015 Co-Investigator (mentor). Pathways to shortened gestation among Black women. National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Nursing Research, F31 Award. July1, 2013 (Student: Shannon Gillespie), 2010-2014 Principal Investigator. Pathways to overweight and pubertal timing in African-American and White girls. National Institutes of Health, National Institute for Nursing Research, RO1 NR009384, $1,203,364. , 2011-2013 Co- investigator (mentor). Early life nutritional environments and cognitive ability in children. National Institutes of Health. National Institute of Nursing Research. F31, NR012878 $70,278. (Student: Rika Tanda)
Patrick Schnell, PhD Bayesian inference, clinical trials, treatment effect heterogeneity, simultaneous inference, and complex diseases.
Judith Schwartzbaum, PhD
Sharon Schweikhart, PhD
Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, PhD, MPH Social determinants of health, adverse birth outcomes, minority health, epidemiology methods
Eric Seiber, PhD
Abigail Shoben, PhD Group sequential methods, longitudinal data, epidemiologic applications, clinical trials
Chi (Chuck) Song, PhD Developing methods for statistical genetics and genomics and methods for meta-analysis or integrative analysis of high-throughput data
Min-Ae Song, PhD Epigenetics, Biomarkers of Exposure, Biomarkers of effects, Cancer Risk Factors, Gene-Environment Interactions, Molecular Epidemiology, Tobacco, Cancer Prevention, Cancer, Molecular Carcinogenesis, and Multi-Omics Data, Dr. Song is the Principal Investigator on a 2015-2017 OSU-CERTS Pilot Project ($100K): Effects of Electronic Cigarette Use on the Human Lung.
Qinghua Sun, MD, PhD 1. Effects of particulate air pollution and tobacco smoke on human health, especially pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity, 2. Exercise and diet intervention on cardiovascular function and disease development, 3. Climate change/global warming on major human diseases
Andrew Wapner, DO, MPH
Christopher M. Weghorst, PhD Molecular mechanisms of oral carcinogenesis and prevention
Mark H. Weir, PhD QMRA – quantitative microbial risk assessment, Complex systems modeling and analytics, Health effect optimization through environmental and engineering controls, Water treatment technology and policy, Storm and wastewater management technology and policy, Decision analytics under uncertainty
Thomas Wickizer, PhD
Wendy Yi Xu, PhD
Marcel Yotebieng, MD, MPH, PhD Implementation science, Clinical trials, Program evaluation , Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, Hepatitis B, and other viruses, HIV care and treatment with a focus on Pediatric care, Maternal and Child health, Infectious diseases; including Tuberculosis