Graduate Student Handbook

13.2 Evaluation of Courses

The evaluation of students of courses, instructors, and curricula in the College of Public Health is an essential process. Evaluation should be seen as a positive activity, directed toward improving the quality and effectiveness of instruction in the College.

The College requires that instructors seek evaluation for each course using the University Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) . Students and instructors will be emailed notifications when SEI forms are available to be completed online. In addition, Carmen will be a portal for alerting students to complete their evaluations of instruction. The  SEI is available on-line and through the OSU mobile app.

The 10-item SEI document is the official university-wide instrument for course evaluation; however, students are always welcome to provide evaluative comments at other times and in other formats, concerning individual courses or other curriculum elements. The GSC chair and staff of the OAPSS will be happy to meet with students to discuss the range of evaluation opportunities that exist or to respond to special concerns.