MPH-PEP Curriculum

Building on the collective experience of its students, Master of Public Health -- Program for Experienced Professionals (MPH-PEP) courses provide a hands-on education concentrating on the integration of the public health and health care systems.

Courses cover core concepts in public health while completing additional courses covering topics in practical public health and population health management. A set of selective courses on the practical application of key concepts within population health management and leadership allows students to choose the courses that best fit their interests and professional goals. The full course listing is below, and the complete 2020-2021 Curriculum Guide can be found here.

Foundation public health courses (15 credits):

  • Design and Analysis of Studies in the Health Sciences (PUBHBIO 6210) Online
  • Principles of Environmental Health Sciences (PUBHEHS 6310) Online
  • Principles of Epidemiology (PUBHEPI 6140) Online
  • Preventing Disease and Promoting Health through Behavioral Science (PUBHHBP 6510) Online
  • Health Care Organization for Experienced Professionals (PUBHHMP 6609) Hybrid

Required specialization courses (16 credits):

  • Public Health Organization (PUBHLTH 7040) Hybrid
  • Program Evaluation in Public Health (PUBHHBP 7532) Online
  • Health Economics for Experienced Professionals (PUBHHMP 7624) Hybrid
  • Strategic Change for Public Health and Population Health Management (PUBHHMP 7632) Hybrid
  • Operations Management and System Design (PUBHHMP 7683) Hybrid
  • Topics in Applied Public Health Practice: Leadership (PUBHLTH 7350.02) Online

Selective courses—choose any three (9 credits):

  • Public Health Leadership and Organizational Behavior (PUBHHMP 6615) Hybrid
  • Community Engagement and Collaborative Community Problem‐Solving (PUBHHBP 6535) Online
  • Project Management for Health Care and Public Health (PUBHHMP 6630) Hybrid
  • Economic Evaluation of Population Health Programs (PUBHHMP 7603) Hybrid
  • Leveraging Healthcare Data for Practice and Policy Change (PUBHHMP 6625) Hybrid
  • Critical Appraisal of Population Health Evidence (PUBHHMP 6620) Online

Practice-based experiences (5 credits):

  • Practicum in Public Health (2 credits)
  • Culminating Project Preparation Seminar and Culminating Project in Public Health (3 credits)

To see a sample course calendar for the 2020-2021 academic calendar, click here.