MPH-PEP Curriculum

The online Program for Experienced Professionals requires a minimum of 42 credit hours, including an applied practice experience and an integrative learning experience. It builds on the college’s integrated MPH foundational curriculum and competencies offering a unique perspective on population health, well-suited to the working professional who has the goal of a leadership role in public health, health care and community health organizations. Students graduate with the practical skills and experiences to apply strategies in a variety of fields to address the social determinants of health that drive health inequities, such as poverty, racism and violence.

Program format

All courses are offered online in highly interactive formats, allowing for group conversations, presentations, discussions and lectures. Students connect through Ohio State’s learning management system, CarmenCanvas. It provides flexibility to complete assignments while maintaining dynamic connections with instructors and serves as a platform for students to interact with and learn from each other. 

The program begins autumn semester. Students spend about 10-15 hours of work per week per three-credit-hour course. Most students take two courses (six credits) per semester. An Applied Practice Experience is often scheduled in the second year, and the Integrative Learning Experience is typically scheduled after most of the required courses have been taken.

Online MPH courses

Integrated foundational MPH courses (12 credits)

  • Methods in Quantitative Data Analysis (PUBHLTH 6001)
  • History, Values and Essential Services of the U.S. Public Health System (PUBHLTH 6002)
  • Methods in Public Health Planning and Evaluation (PUBHLTH 6003)
  • Essentials of Population Health (PUBHTLH 6004)

Required specialization courses (19 credits)

  • Public Health Leadership and Organizational Behavior (PUBHHMP 6615)
  • Project Management for Health Care and Public Health (PUBHHMP 6630) 
  • Health Economics for Experienced Professionals (PUBHHMP 7624) 
  • Strategic Change for Public Health and Population Health Management (PUBHHMP 7632) 
  • Operations Management and System Design (PUBHHMP 7683) 
  • Economic Evaluation of Population Health Programs (PUBHHMP 7603) 
  • Systems Integration to Improve Population Health

Elective courses (6 credits)

Students may choose six credits of elective courses. Courses other than those listed below require approval from the program director.

  • Community Engagement and Collaborative Community Problem‐Solving (PUBHHBP 6535) 
  • Leveraging Healthcare Data for Practice and Policy Change (PUBHHMP 6625) 
  • Critical Appraisal of Population Health Evidence (PUBHHMP 6620)

Practice-based experiences (5 credits)

  • The Applied Practice Experience in Public Health (2 credits)
  • Integrative Learning Experience Preparation Seminar and Integrative Learning Experience in Public Health (3 credits)

2022-2023 course calendar