May 17, 2018


Dan Brook

At the time, I was committed to pursuing academic medicine. I had the (false) belief that public health and medicine were separate entities, but after entering medical school I recognized how intertwined public health and medicine are.

I found my niche.

May 17, 2018


Ohio State's Puerto Rico Association

That’s when the hurricane hit, and Davila-Martin found herself 2,000 miles away from home with little to do to help her friends and family.

On September 21, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Flooding in Puerto Rico left millions without fuel, food and electricity.

While residents of the island were hit the hardest, the effects of the disaster were felt far beyond the Caribbean. Many Puerto Ricans on the mainland mourned for their home and their loved ones—like Davila-Martin did.

May 7, 2018


Many health care administrators turn to value-based care as a delivery model to improve care processes and quality. These improvements often achieve better patient outcomes and decrease health care costs for providers and patients alike—a win-win.

January 15, 2018


CPH student Chinenye Bosah shares information about the Multicultural Public Health Student Association.

While reconnecting over free breakfast and coffee, students, faculty and staff learned about some of the support services that the college’s Office of Research provides, and student organizations shared overviews of their missions.

“The ‘Welcome Back’ event was a great opportunity to showcase what our organization is about, and it was a great way to gain new members,” says Reginald Scott, a fourth-year undergraduate student of public health sociology and president of the Multicultural Public Health Student Association. “We got a lot of exposure.”

April 11, 2018


Chinenye Bosah with Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown

Bosah, a second-year undergraduate student of environmental public health, was invited to the 2017 Propel Ohio Collegiate Leadership Summit at The University of Akron in November. She was joined by hundreds of other college students from colleges across the state to learn what factors lead to childhood poverty, and what she can do to address it in her own community.

March 27, 2018


Ohio State CPH Students in Washington D.C.

Nineteen College of Public Health students traveled to Washington, D.C., over spring break for a crash course in public health policy and advocacy.

The trip was organized by CPH Dean William Martin II, MD, who had his first taste of health policy in 1994 as a senior health policy fellow in the office of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

April 28, 2018


Ryan Yoder

Ryan Yoder’s volunteer work at Safe Point began with small tasks: transporting syringes, handing out brochures on HIV and Hepatitis and restocking tourniquets. A year and a half later, he’s one of only three staff members supporting one of Columbus’s comprehensive harm reduction program for intravenous drug use.

Yoder had no idea that volunteering at Safe Point would be the beginning of a much larger journey that would have an impact not only on the clients he served, but on him as well.

November 21, 2017



Teams of students from the College of Public Health’s Masters of Health Administration (MHA) program competed and placed in the Baylor University Robbins Case Competition in Waco, Texas, and the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) Student Case Competition in San Antonio.

MHA program director Julie Robbins, PhD, said case competitions are a prime way to prepare students for careers in the health care administration field.

November 17, 2017


Teams of students from The Ohio State University College of Public Health presented strategies for reducing the burden of opioid misuse and opioid-related deaths in Hocking County, Ohio, to county health officials in the inaugural CPH Student Case Competition on Wednesday.

The competition, organized and hosted by the College of Public Health Alumni Society, challenged teams of undergraduate and graduate students to spend two weeks developing population health intervention strategies based on the county’s community health assessment data, and existing resources and programming.

October 26, 2017


Team of Ohio State undergraduate public health students

Students in all programs at The Ohio State University College of Public Health acquire the knowledge and tools to solve the world’s most pressing public health and health care challenges. Some put their knowledge to the test in case competitions throughout the year.

Although not a required part of the curriculum, these competitions have allowed teams of students to gain experience applying their newly-acquired public health training.


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