Sample Script for a Welcome Video

“Welcome to the course! My name is (name), and I will be your instructor for the course (course name).  (If desired, including a brief biography with credentials, certifications, and years of teaching experience.)

The purpose of this course is to help you (describe the purpose and major learning objectives of the course).

This course is designed as a(n) (hybrid / online / online with proctored activities) course, which means that you will be responsible for (describe participation and interaction requirements and list of specific scheduled activities).

This course requires that you already have (prerequisite knowledge required), are able to (minimum skill sets), and are able to (minimum student preparation and work-load expectations). Additional expectations will be stated in the course modules as they apply to each unit.

The things that I feel are most important for you to recognize in this course are (most important tips for success in this specific course).

(If you are requiring your students to make videos or create something with specific software you should detail that here. This may not be applicable to all courses.)
During this course, you will need to make sure that your computer has the following software.

(Provide list of software required, if it is free, or if it should be purchased through campus or other sources. Also list any specific hardware students are expected to have – such as web-cams.)

Carmen is Ohio State’s Learning Management System. To ensure satisfaction with your Carmen courses, it is essential that you use a fully supported browser and meet other basic system requirements. Please read the “Course Materials and Technology” information that can be found in the Syllabus for your course as well as in the “CPH General Course Information and Policies module in your Carmen course. (I have made a Master Course template for all CPH online courses. In that template there is a standard module that includes information about Course Materials and Technology.)

To get started in this course you will need to begin by viewing the home page. Begin by reading the Syllabus (Start Here) module for the course. Also review the Technical Requirements for this Course module.

The work for this course is organized by weeks. Click on the week module folder to view all of the work for that week.

(If you are requiring your students to particulate in a Class Introductions discussion forum you should detail that here. This may not be applicable to all courses.)
Also, it is important for everyone in the class to get to know each other – and to start building connections early. Please go into the Discussions area under “Class Introductions” and then post a new message using your name as the Subject Line, and then share some information about yourself. If you need a sample, take a look at my introduction, where you can learn some more about my interests and hobbies as well as my own goals for this course.

If you have any questions or concerns during the course, please know that I want to see you succeed. The preferred method for sharing your concerns and questions is to (list how student should contact instructor and what information to include).

I hope that you will enjoy this course, and I look forward to having you in the class.”

Welcome Video: Overview

Welcome Video: Step-by-Step Guide