Health Disparities including Multicultural Health

Past research has documented that geographic, racial and ethnic minority groups frequently experience poorer health status than majority population groups. The future health of our state and country will be influenced substantially by our success in improving the health of these racial and ethnic minorities. Research in our college includes the Employed Latino Health Initiative, cardiovascular care for African-Americans, and cervical cancer screenings in Appalachian Ohio.

Our Work in the News

Medical Economics screenshot
November 25, 2019

While implicit (or “unintended”) bias affects nearly everyone, its consequences are especially significant in medicine. Since the majority of physicians are white and male, the unconscious assumptions they may hold about patients who are neither white nor male can lead to inappropriate treatment decisions, and on a larger scale, worsen...

NY Times article
October 16, 2019

Tasleem Padamsee's research featured in the | "Only 15% of (high-risk) black women in the study had met with a genetics, cancer or breast specialist." 70% of white women had.

August 6, 2019

According to new research that looked at whether a person’s resilience could help ward off the impact of stress, stressful life events were linked to higher incidents of heart attack, stroke and other types of cardiovascular disease in black women. Ashley Felix, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Ohio State's College of Public Health, is...