3. Transfer Credits

Students are discouraged from waiting until their last term at Ohio State to transfer credit from another institution. However, if they plan to do so, they need to follow proper procedures so that every effort can be made to have the credit posted prior to graduation.

It is the student’s responsibility to (1) ensure that the course(s) taken will fulfill the intended course requirements at Ohio State, and (2) have a transcript sent from the host institution to Ohio State. Ohio State has a formal arrangement for graduating students attending Columbus State Community College and it is clearly delineated on the  CSCC Early Grade Release page.

Should a student be enrolled at another institution, they are encouraged to inquire if they have a similar early grade release program.

Transfer credit must be posted to the student record by 5:00pm on the Friday of Finals Week in order to receive a diploma during Commencement. If the credit does not post by that deadline, students may still participate in Commencement, but the diploma cover distributed during the ceremony will not have the official diploma inside.

Students have up to the second Friday of the subsequent term to resolve any outstanding coursework issues and be certified to graduate for the original term of graduation. If any issues are still unresolved by this deadline, then the student will need to reapply for graduation during an upcoming term.

After a student have completed the course and have requested a transcript to be sent to Ohio State, students are able to view their Transfer Credit Report online at Buckeye Link. Once the credit has been posted to the Ohio State record, it will appear on this report.