6. Financial Holds

Students who have any financial obligations left to the university will not receive their diploma until those issues are settled. These can include, but are not limited to, tuition payments, exit interviews, library fines, parking tickets, etc. In addition, the university will not release a students diploma or transcripts to the student or future employers until such issues are settled.

Typically, in order to receive a diploma at Commencement, financial holds must be removed. Students should contact the Financial Aid / Fees and Deposits offices to determine what they need to complete to lift any holds they have. If a student have recently been in contact with these offices to resolve this hold, then they should check back with that office in a few days to confirm that the hold has been removed.

Students who must complete an exit interview as a part of their financial assistance program typically are sent an email notification with instructions. However, in case the students email server filtered out this notification, the most common online exit interviews are the Perkins Loan and the  Federal Direct Loan. More information about exit interviews can be found from the Office of the University Bursar.

For questions, contact the Financial Aid / Fees and Deposits Offices:

Financial Aid/Student Services Center: 614-292-0300
Fees and Deposits: 614-292-3337