4. Credit by Examination

Students who plan to complete some required coursework via Credit by Examination (EM credit), the College will check to see if the EM credit for required coursework has posted to the university record by the Friday of the tenth Week of the graduating term. Students are required to complete the tests for EM credit early in the term in order to avoid any issues with credit posting.

If the EM credit has not posted by the Friday of the 10th week of the term, students will be removed from the Graduation Candidate List for that term. They will NOT be permitted to participate in the Commencement Ceremony until the EM credit posts. If the  EM credit is earned after this deadline, students should notify the departmental advisor as soon as possible and then they will be re-added to the Graduation Candidate List and permitted to participate in Commencement. If the EM credit never posts, students will NOT be permitted to participate in the Commencement Ceremony that term, and will need to submit another graduation application with the new term of graduation.

According to the policy from the Office of Testing, EM tests cannot be repeated. More information about earning EM credit can be found at University Registrar’s Testing Center.

Once students have completed any tests for EM credit, they can monitor their record by running an Advising Report via the Student Center on Buckeye Link. Once the credit has been posted to the Ohio State record, it will appear on this report.