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woman looking at pregnancy test

Visits to ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ common in Ohio

Use of unregulated services higher for Black and low-income women, study finds

May 27, 2021

city street at night

‘Opioid treatment deserts’ abound, study finds

Distance to recovery services could keep many from getting care

May 12, 2021

Marielle Brinkman

College researcher explains dangers of e-cigarettes

Marielle Brinkman interviewed for national segment on vaping

May 10, 2021

woman holding cancer ribbon

Insurance isn’t enough for women at high risk of breast cancer

Financial obstacles create barriers for many women

April 21, 2021

seed grants graphic

Racial justice grants fund two new public health projects

Research to examine crisis response, daily stress in queer people of color

March 30, 2021

cancer patient

Cancer survivors face elevated heart disease risk, study finds

Risk likely underrecognized, researchers say 

March 17, 2021