Epidemiology Directory

Core Faculty and Staff

Photo Sort Name Title
Sarah E. Anderson, PhD Anderson, Sarah E. Professor
Anderson, Tamika Research Associate
Philip Binkley, MPH, MD Binkley, Philip Professor
Marta Bornstein Bornstein, Marta Post Doctoral Scholar
Marielle C. Brinkman Brinkman, Marielle Research Professor
Madison Enderle Enderle, Madison Data Research Manager
Aldenise Ewing, PhD, MPH, CPH Ewing, Aldenise Assistant Professor
Ashley Felix, PhD Felix, Ashley Associate Professor, Co-Director, Undergraduate Honors Program
Amy Ferketich, PhD Ferketich, Amy K. Professor, Interim Co-Chair
Fleshman, Clint Program Manager
Maria Gallo, PhD Gallo, Maria Associate Dean of Research, Professor
Grace, Terrence Clinical Research Assistant
Bobbie Hall Hall, Bobbie Clinical Research Assistant
Randall Harris, MD, PhD Harris, Randall E. Professor
Courtney L. Hebert, MD Hebert, Courtney L. Associate Professor
Armando Hoet Hoet, Armando Professor
Amie Hufton Hufton, Amie Associate Professor - Practice
Kathryn Lancaster, PhD, MPH Lancaster, Kathryn Associate Professor
Matthews, Amiah Research Assistant
McDowell, Renee Program Manager
Meade, Caitie Clinical Research Coordinator
William C. Miller, MD, PhD, MPH Miller, William C. Professor
Cathy Neal in her office with Ohio State poster in background Neal, Cathy Field Manager
Abigail Turner, PhD Norris Turner, Abigail Associate Dean of Faculty and Inclusive Excellence, Professor
Alison Norris, MD, PhD Norris, Alison Associate Professor; Joint Appointment, College of Medicine/Infectious Diseases, Interim Co-Chair
Electra D. Paskett, PhD Paskett, Electra Professor, Marion N. Rowley Chair in Cancer Research
Piscalko, Hannah Research Associate
Quam, Mikkel Assistant Professor - Practice
Redoutey, Lindsey Research Assistant 1-Social
Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, PhD, MPH Sealy-Jefferson, Shawnita Associate Professor
Parvati Singh, PhD, MPA Singh, Parvati Assistant Professor
Smith, Merry Clinical Research Assistant
Mikaela Smith, PhD headshot Smith, Mikaela Research Scientist
Elizabeth Solinger headshot Solinger, Elizabeth Resource Planning Analyst
Swidarski, Katherine Lecturer
Matthew Wascher Wascher, Matthew Assistant Professor - Practice
Jeffrey Wing Wing, Jeffrey J. Assistant Professor
Wright, Anyssa Research Assistant
Courtesy Faculty
Photo Name Title
Andréia Arruda, DVM, PhD Arruda, Andreia Assistant Professor Veterinary Preventive Medicine
Amanda M. Berrian Berrian, Amanda M. Assistant Professor; Associate Director, Veterinary Public Health Program College of Veterinary Medicine
Andrew Bowman, DVM, PhD Bowman, Andrew Associate Professor Veterinary Preventive Medicine
Theodore M. Brasky, PhD Brasky, Theodore Assistant Professor Medicine/Internal Medicine
Jennifer Cooper, PhD Cooper, Jennifer Research Assistant Professor Pediatrics
Douglas Crews, PhD headshot Crews, Douglas Professor College of Arts and Sciences, SBS, Anthropology
Rebecca Garabed, VMD, PhD Garabed, Rebecca B. Professor Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Preventitive Medicine
Wondwossen Gebreyes, DVM, PhD Gebreyes, Wondwossen A. Professor of Molecular Epidemiology Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Preventitive Medicine
Melissa Gilliam, MD Gilliam, Melissa Provost and Executive Vice President, Courtesy Faculty, Division of Epidemiology
Sarah Keim, PhD Keim, Sarah A. Associate Professor Medicine/Pediatric Medicine
Brittney Keller-Hamilton Keller-Hamilton, Brittney Assistant Professor Medical Oncology
Courtney Lynch, PhD, MPH Lynch, Courtney Associate Professor Medicine/Obstetrics and Gynecology
Lara McKenzie, PhD, MA McKenzie, Lara Associate Professor Medicine/Pediatric Medicine
Ethan Morgan Morgan, Ethan Assistant Professor College of Nursing
Jesse Plascak Plascak, Jesse Assistant Professor Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
Peter Shields, MD Shields, Peter Professor, Deputy Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center Medicine/Comprehensive Cancer Center
Jonathan Slaughter, MD, MPH Slaughter, Jonathan Associate Professor Pediatrics
Fred Tabung, PhD, MSPH Tabung, Fred Assistant Professor Medical Oncology
Joseph H. Tien, PhD Tien, Joseph Associate Professor Department of Mathematics
Kartik Kailas Venkatesh, MD, PhD Venkatesh, Kartik Kailas Assistant Professor Medicine - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Shu-Hua Wang, MPH, TM, MD Wang, Shu-Hua Professor College of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease
Thomas Wittum, PhD Wittum, Thomas E. Professor Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Preventitive Medicine
Huiyun Xiang, PhD, MPH, MD Xiang, Huiyun Professor Medicine/Pediatric Medicine
Jingzhen (Ginger) Yang, PhD, MD Yang, Jingzhen (Ginger) Professor Pediatrics
Motao Zhu, MD, MS, PhD Zhu, Motao Professor Pediatrics
Adjunct Faculty
Photo Name Title
Julie K. Bower, PhD, MPH, FAHA Bower, Julie Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fisher, James Adjunct Associate Professor Ohio Dept of Health's OCISS
Reider, Carson Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mysheika Williams Roberts, MD, MPH Roberts, Mysheika Adjunct Assistant Professor Columbus Public Health
Emeritus Faculty
Photo Name Title
Mark Klebanoff Klebanoff, Mark A. Professor Emeritus
John Wilkins III, DrPH Wilkins, John R. Professor Emeritus